It is amazing how fast the last 7+ months have gone.

While I was having knee surgery, leaving a job of almost 17 years to start a travel business, spending the summer with my daughter so she didn’t have to go to summer camps every week, and generally feeling semi-retired; I realized one thing:

Time never stops and it will go on without you.

I hate the saying that time heals all wounds. That is a lie. Time does not heal.

Over time, you either do the things that will bring you to wholeness and healing, or you don’t. You may choose to bury your feelings or just react to whatever is going on today. You might just let life pass you by while you exist.

How do you spend your time? Do you use it, or do you lose it?

In a lot of ways, the last 7 months has been a huge success. I stepped out in faith to leave a very good paying job to work from home in a travel business while taking over some of the duties around the house to support our family. I am actively engaged in a new profession, have grown closer to my daughter at a very impressionable age, and helped my wife feel confident in being able to step into a career advancement that she would never have considered if things had remained the same.

In a lot of ways, the last 7 months have been a huge failure. I have neglected pouring into other people what I know they need through this blog, delayed writing a book that can help so many people, and not taken full advantage of opportunities to maximize the best use of the freedom I have had to do all that God has called me to do.

Now what? Maybe you feel the same way about your recent past.

The last thing any of us need to do is to dwell on the negative, the part of the past that has only produced worry, pain, loss, and discouragement. Just like our bodies, aging every day whether we like it or not, time keeps moving.

So what should I do with the negative? Learn from it and MOVE ON!! Realize the errors you made and do not repeat them. Don’t sit with those things that only want to remind you of your short-comings and where you missed it. You are stronger than that!! Just know that it is your daily choice to live with the problems of the past. There may still be consequences to deal with, but you can move through them with the help of God and others.

I have realized that the greatest step in faith I have ever taken since becoming a Christian, was during the last 7 months. I have grown closer to my wife and family while at the same time learning life lessons that I only dreamed would come years later.

Have I made the best use of my time the last 7 months? Yes and no.

If I had to do it all over again, would I change any of it? Yes and no.

Those are discussions that could go on forever……and I don’t have the time…;)

The question for you today is this— What are you going to do at this moment in time? It really is that simple. Good or bad, invest or waste?

What you do now will have more to say about your future than all the moments in the past. You cannot create your future today if you are making your today the past.If you choose to relive the past, get ready to relive the pain, regret, and heartache.


Take the precious time you have today to do whatever it takes to move on from your past.

TIME. Don’t give it away. Take it, and make it work for you. This very moment is already gone. Another one is here.

What are you going to do at THIS moment in time?


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