Divorce to Healing: Day 12




Very few life events will ever measure up to divorce when it comes to confusion. Why did they leave? Why ruin our family? What did I do wrong?

There are so many thoughts that come into our mind. Most of them are a waste of time and are only rooted in fear. Fear has been described as F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real.

Negative thoughts about the future virtually never come to pass and all it does is rob you of your peace. When you dwell on what MIGHT happen in the future, you take your eyes off of dealing with the present.

Just know that you don’t need to live a life of confusion. You need to take control of what you have control over, and leave the rest to God. Have faith that He will bring clarity to your mind so that your emotions can be brought into check.

Find yourself at least a couple of godly people to counsel you. Whether it is emotional, financial, or situational issues you are struggling with, find someone that you can talk through your thoughts with that can bring light to them.

God gave us faith to allow Him to fight our battles for us, especially those that we have no idea how to handle. He is the one that brings peace in spite of confusion.

14 for God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. 1 Cor 14:33

When you find yourself unsure of why, reach out to the One who has all of the answers. They may not be the answers you want, but they will be the right ones.


God, teach me to come to You for the answers to all the questions I have and give me the strength to have faith in You to guide my thoughts, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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