UninspiredWhy am I awake at 2:30 in the morning? And why am I compelled to write a blogpost?

Actually, like a lot of folks dealing with divorce, we all go through times we feel like we need to do something, but have no idea what to do. Ever been there? Are you still there?

What is funny is that I really am uninspired to write tonight, but yet I feel like I need to.

I believe it is that part of me that knows that I just need to start and God will do the rest.

Some of the greatest times in my life have always been when I just feel like I need to do something but have no clue why or what to do. That blows every purpose-driven message you have ever heard out the window, right?

Do we really have to be inspired to do what we need to do? In most of times, yes. Sometimes, no.

What inspires you? Is it the look on your child’s face as they sleep in the middle of the night? Is it a sunrise or sunset? Is it a song, sermon, or a saying?

Whatever it is, you may not have it but a few times in your life; the ah-ha moment.

Now, what do you do when you don’t feel inspired? Isn’t that most of your life? Who really will admit they are inspired to work some days? How about mowing the lawn or doing laundry? Anyone???

It seems like for me that I need to let God direct me in those moments and times when inspiration is nowhere to be found. We all have things that we need to do, but that ‘push’ just doesn’t come.

In times like these, we need something to hold on to that will draw us into what God has for us.

For me, that is music. I just need to put on the headphones, find that song or artist that feels good, and enjoy it. There is something about music that just goes beyond your mind and settles in your heart and soul.

Another thing that helps is to change things up, get out of the routine. Right now, I am using my wife’s chair in order to get a different perspective. Not that the heat and massaging don’t help, but it is getting out of the norm of sitting in my own chair. Sometimes I will just go sit out in our sunroom, open the windows, and listen to the hum of the air conditioner drown out the birds chirping while having a coffee and enjoy my daughter watching the same episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants over and over and over……….

I guess the title is a little misleading because I have become inspired to write this post.

Of course, the chair and a middle-of-the-night quiet house can help inspire, what has truly inspired me is something that I cherish and value.


What inspires me more than anything is knowing that there are people that need encouragement or just a simple message of hope. What inspires me is knowing that we relate on a level that some people cannot fathom, and we hope they never have to experience divorce. What inspires me is knowing that you care enough to read and comment and share with myself and others about your life and thoughts.

Knowing that tomorrow is a day that has never happened before and never will again, kind of blows my mind. And you choose to be a part of mine.

So, THANK YOU for inspiring me!!!

Feel free to let me know what inspires you. I would love to know.

Be blessed!!

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