~~~Thank you~~~

When I started Divorce to Healing, I could never in my wildest dreams even begin to understand how many people may be affected by my thoughts and words when it came to healing from divorce.

Boy, I never knew…and may never know for sure.

You are the Divorce to Healing family.  You are the reason God called me forth to lay aside my own ambitions and to share His love poured out on this blog and in the YouVersion Bible App Reading Plans.  What I learned from my own divorce story was meant to help encourage you through your divorce story.  And through our mutual stories, we have become family.

Today,  the Reading Plans that were created within the Divorce to Healing family just passed an amazing milestone and I wanted to share it with you.

As of today, April 9, 2018, the number of precious souls (which includes you) that have COMPLETED (not just DOWNLOADED) either one or both of the two Reading Plans has reached 30,000!!!  And some of you (over 2,150) have done them more than once.  PRAISE YOU, JESUS!!!

So many stories.  So many tears.  So many feelings.  So many lives.

I can only say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your divorce story.

When I started this post, I titled it “Amazing”.  It is not because of the amazing milestone that was just crossed.  It is because what God is doing in and through your life during this time is flat-out AMAZING!!!

Thank you and be blessed!!!

The ABC’s for Divorce

There comes a day when you will need to Accept the fact that things have changed.  You Believe in God and still all you want to do sometimes is Cry.  You will Discover that for things to improve, eventually you need to Engage your Faith in a new way.  Go get the Help you need from Jesus!!  Invite the Holy Spirit to bring forth the Joy of your salvation.  Keep your heart warm with the Love of Jesus.  Manage your emotions.  Never give up.  Let the Lord Order your footsteps.  Pray in the Quite place of your heart.  Release your pain and Surrender to His love.  In Time, you will Understand.  God will Work on your behalf. Let God’s word X-ray your soul.  No matter what, God loves You!! Now rest. Zzzz.

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