In the Blink of an Eye

It is amazing what can happen when we least expect it.  Just a few days ago, it happened to me once again.  When I wasn’t even watching or paying attention, it came in the blink of an eye.


Times in my life I have wondered why “this”, why “that”, or why “now”.  As a Christian, I have learned that I need to spend that time wisely.  To live in the past is not wise, but to learn from it in a healthy way is beneficial.

Looking back, I have learned that to have a healthy perspective on events, good or bad, is what can set you up for a better future.  A divorce is one of the hardest events to ever occur in someone’s life.  Learning from mistakes, taking responsibility for consequences, and growing through heartbreak is meant to be a process, not a destination.  If you can’t move on, decide right now that you WILL move on and then get whatever help you need to do it.

When I went through my first divorce, the saying that God gave me was “Jesus and I are movin’ on”.  This implied action and decision on my part.  I could have resisted. I could have let myself spiral into vices or self-pity, and there was as a time I thought those would help.  They didn’t.

What ultimately brought me out of the ‘funk’ was knowing that Jesus was by my side, no matter what, and that He loved me unconditionally.  Friends and family were around to encourage me, even if they didn’t know what to say or they said the wrong things.  I know they cared about me as a person.  I wasn’t in this alone.

It changed my perspective.

Back in 2016, God impressed on me (and literally dragged me) to finish a Divorce to Healing reading plan for the YouVersion Bible App.  The Bible App is one of the most downloaded apps all over the world. It is literally the bible in your hand.  They also include reading plans or devotionals that can help people grow closer to God.  This is what I was supposed to do.

I needed to create 31 different days on different topics.  I was stuck on about Day 17 for a few months. I wasn’t motivated any more to finish it, but God lovingly convinced me to be obedient.

In 2017, God gave me a desire to do a shorter 7 day plan to compliment the first plan.  It allowed people to have a shorter devotional that they could complete quickly and give them a desire to download the longer 31 day plan.  And now, I am just humbled beyond belief.

Today (Jan 26, 2018) is a huge day for the ministry of Divorce to Healing.  God told me to help people through the divorce process.  At times, I didn’t know what to say or do.  I just needed to do something.

As of today, “Divorce to Healing: 31 Days of Healing and Wholeness” and “Divorce to Healing: Survive and Thrive” have been completed over 25,000 times.  They been downloaded over 55,000 times.  I don’t know what to say.  All I want to do is cry.

Behind every one of the downloads is a soul.  Behind every completion is a story.

Every one of these numbers humble me.  It makes me long to know that those reading plans have made a difference, even for a moment.  I wonder how those precious people are doing, even months and years after using the plans.  Then God gave me a little more perspective.

On January 13th, 2018, I picked up my phone and saw a notification.  It said that this blog had increased traffic that day.  I have seen it before and love to know that God is directing people that need help to reach out.  Little did I know how many……

On that one day, this blog spiked to 1,845 views.  I could literally swipe down to reload the stats and see new people every minute looking at this blog.  I wondered why, and figured it was because of people checking out the reading plan.  More perspective.

On that same day, 2,457 people downloaded one of the two reading plans.  If it was physically able to, my mouth would still be on the floor.  Words can’t describe the feeling.  Good and bad.

While seeing the work I put in being of value to people, it breaks my heart that people have to go through what I went through.  I wish I could just reach out and encourage them.

So this goes out to you all, whether you have just found this blog and the reading plans or have been with us for years.  You are not alone.  People love you.  It gets better.  You will survive.  You will make it.  Jesus and you are movin’ on!!

Thank you for being obedient to God by allowing others, including myself, to speak life to you.  I know sometimes the last thing you want to do is to be around anyone.  You can’t run or hide from the love Jesus has for you. He will be with you every step of the way.

This is my new perspective:  God can even use me, a two-time divorcee, to bring light and love to the world.  And He can and will use you too, if you let Him.

I would love to hear from you, however and whenever you feel up to it.  Leave me a comment or just a word for me.  Pass along your story.  It will encourage others at the same time.

I leave you with this:

The blink of an eye is but a moment in time.  Eventually, the tear is wiped away and you can see clearly again.

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