Looking Up

Eye17WOW! This dirt looks AWESOME, said nobody ever…..

When you have hit rock bottom, sometimes it just feels like you are plastered on the ground, with your nose shoved 1/2 way towards the back of your head, tears flowing down, questions of why flowing through your head, and a million other feelings. It is all about where you are. And you know what? IT SUCKS!!!!

I am not going to tell you that everything is ok. It is not. You are experiencing feelings that so many people can only experience if they go through it as well. No smoke here.

But, I care about you enough to say this… you need to look up.

Easier said than done. I’ve heard this before. I know.

Well, it is easier than you think. You can choose to look up, even if you do not feel like it or want to. Let me prove it to you.

Have you ever noticed someone who walks around with his head hanging down? What allows that physically? It is the neck.

The neck is our attitude. It thinks it is in control, and for most people it is. We use it to shake our head up and down or side to side. We use it when a noise startles us to change our head’s position. It must be what controls what we can look at.

Well, you would be right, but that is only partly true.

Our eyes were created to look in all directions; up, down, left, right, cross-eyed, rolling, etc.. They are so interesting, and as you will find out, almost totally in control.

Let’s get back to staring at the ground, on our face, nose in the dirt. If you look forward, you see just that, the bottom of your pit. Your neck has you pointed towards it, so that is what you see. Yes, your neck (attitude) is pointing you in that direction, but your eyes can still look in all directions. You can choose to look up.

What do you see? Just more dirt, but it looks different. You also notice a little light coming pass your forehead.

Are you really looking up or just at more of the bottom? Good question. I would say you and things are looking up.

You have the choice to close your eyes and not look. You can just stare at the ground. You can look in any direction, and you chose to look up, even if it doesn’t look like much.

Now, by seeing something different, you have another choice. You can decide to be satisfied with a nose in the dirt or you can tell your neck (attitude) that this hurts your nose and to shift up so that you rest your chin on the ground instead of your nose. It is a lot less sensitive to pain and the ground is hard.

Guess what? You are continuing to look up, just by lifting your neck (changing your attitude) to relieve the pain you are feeling. Even if you do not change the direction you are looking, you are looking up further than before.

Crazy how that works.

Does it sound a little simple to just do that? If you think it is harder than that, just keep staring at the ground. How long do you want to do that? My nose hurt and I needed to do something about it. It was bloody, bruised, and broken. I needed some relief from the pain.

If your neck (attitude) won’t move, just look up. Things will look a little different and eventually the pain you are feeling will cause you to adjust your neck (attitude) which will allow you to look up more and more. It may happen quickly or take a little time, but eventually that stiff neck will move, if you allow it to.

Look up. It will not be what you see before you. It will be different. Embrace it

Look up.

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