Will it ever stop? Will I ever catch my breath? Why won’t they stop?!?

Just like waves crashing on the shore, our emotions will rise and fall with no rhyme or reason. At one moment you time you have it all together and then, out of nowhere WHAM!!! You get hit with a bigger and more powerful wave of feelings you don’t understand.

You are not alone. Statistics are now that over 50% or marriages will end in divorce. I don’t say that to make light of the situation, it is just the facts.

You look out pass the waves and you cannot see the end. You wonder why. So did I.

But just like waves, they have a beginning and an end. They have power to destroy and power to propel you forward. It depends on how you use that power.

Have you ever noticed that the waves are just rolling up & down out in the ocean, but it is as they get closer to the shore that they rise up? It is because at that point, the power has to go somewhere. Because of the shallowness of the water, the wave’s power is condensed. That is why it seems that on the beach (at the moment of your divorce), the crashing is so frantic–chaotic!!

If that is where you are at, know that there is calmer water behind those waves. You need to have faith to towards the deeper water. Things get calmer out there, but you need to move out.

My thoughts for this blog is to encourage anyone who needs it & to provide a place for you to move on to healing.

Feel free to comment & share with those that could really use it. We are also on Facebook & Twitter as well.

Be blessed.

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