Moving On


There comes a time when you realize the next step is to move on. As painful and hurtful of a season in your life that moving on is, change is inevitable sometimes.

I remember when I was at the lowest point in my life, the moment I realized that my marriage was in serious trouble. It was not over yet, but something inside of me told me,”Get ready to change.”.

I needed to talk to the pastor & asst. pastor at my church. It was a smaller church, yet full of loving people that cared deeply for me in my pain. I opened up and just poured out my heart to these men and shared things I had held on to for far too long. It was like pulling out the barb of a stingray from my heart, one that creates a puncture wound going in, but pulled out it rips a huge hole.

God gave me a statement in that time that I hold onto until this very day. In one moment, I felt a peace that is beyond words. It was straight from the heart of God to start the healing process in my heart, even though I was only separated at the time.

“Jesus and I are movin’ on.”

Words that penetrated deep into my soul. It was a statement that told me, God was with me. He was never going to leave me. He would never forsake me.

I realized that at any moment when I felt down or depressed, I could hold on to the words that God gave me. They were, and still are, a lifeline.

There are times in your life that people will let you down. They will not be there for you when you need them. Sometimes, that is the best thing for you, even though you think they should be there for you. But Jesus is always there.

The words include the word ‘and’. That means I need to be with Jesus. I know he never leaves me, but it means I need to be in a lifetime, life-changing relationship with Him to benefit from the peace He wants to pour out.

Movin’ on means that we are not staying in the pain and struggle we are in right now. I does not mean there will not be new struggles and troubles in the future, but it gets me looking forward toward the future and letting go of the past.

The past is just that, past you.

Did you ever think about why God put our eyes on the front of our head and not on the back? I believe it is because he does not wanting us to dwell on our past but to look forward towards what lies ahead.

When you realize that when change is coming and it needs to happen, hold on to something strong. Something that will not let you down.

And make sure you rent the moving truck with “Mom’s Attic” in the front. You always have more to move than you realize. 🙂

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