New Devotional from Divorce to Healing (coming soon)



I am in the process of putting together a 31 Day Devotional around healing from divorce.

If you are interested in helping me to choose the 31 topics out of the 50 currently being considered or just would like to connect with others going through the healing process too, feel free to join the Divorce to Healing community here.

If you are in your own healing process, feel free to see the previous posts here on this blog.

If you know someone that needs encouragement and could benefit from the information here, feel free to share this blog and the Divorce to Healing Facebook Page so they can join our healing community.

Thanks everyone and be on the lookout for more soon!!

2 thoughts on “New Devotional from Divorce to Healing (coming soon)

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    1. Hi, Vic. If you click on the “About” section, it will bring up a column on the right side of the page. near the top of the column you can click a button to “Follow” this blog. Also, feel free to scroll down and read the archived posts. There is a lot of information that you may find helpful. Thanks so much!!


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